Carers Benefit From Online Educational Courses

I have lots of dealings with care homes these days.  I have ancient relatives residing in them up and down the country.  It’s such a blessing for we younger generation, although the sheer cost is eye watering, there is a reason why they’re expensive.  The care, affection and respect that my relatives receive is all the more remarkable in that she has succumbed to the worst disease imaginable – dementia.  It is so cruel, robbing us of a wonderful bright, sharp, witty parent but leaving her to vegitate in her own singular world.  The carers are all trained really well – most have come from abroad, and are generally fully trained nurses in their own country.  The home provides them with mandatory training courses in how the governing firm wants things done, and they also have healthcare focused courses on how to deal with the varous geriatric cases they will encounter.  The educational system is brilliant for them and us.