Carers Need Excellent Education & Training

Many families are now faced with the dilemma of aging relatives needing much more care and attention than previous generations.   If anyone had a grandparent who lived into their 90s when I was growing up, it was a talking point.  If any of our friends had one who actually reached 100, then there was some very serious celebrating. . . the card from the Queen was shown off to the local newspapers and there would always be a tv crew called in to make a feature of the achievement.  However we’re all living much longer now – education and training needs for the care and well being of these seriously iold folk are becoming very much the go to courses for students thinking of a career in social care.   It can be a very rewarding job – it can also be extremely exhausting in energy and mental capacity for the carer.  Older people, and especially those with special needs – dementia and other stressful conditions, call for a much greater level of training for the care and housekeepng staff in hospitals and care homes.  These courses are now becoming so much more available online.