Changing Career Online Learning Options In Abundance

There have been many new learning opportunities since the introduction of easily obtained  laptops, tablets, smart phones etc.  Whatever sphere of interest, there will be a training course in getting better, wiser and qualified.  Since the lockdown in UK for quarantine purposes, there has been very little organised teaching for children – nothing co-ordinated for the eldest sector certainly.  I was very surprised to hear this as I assumed that most youngsters had to log on to the school system to prove they’ve done their homework!  I have a young relative who has been in junior school teaching for her whole adult life and is now thinking seriously about a change of direction.  The vast array of vocational training is fantastic and she is now looking at retraining options for working in the law.  There are so many career choices now that she feels a need to break out and get with the adults in a role that will allow her to still help others but also bring home bigger slices of the bacon.