Delta Dealing A Blow To School Work

The main concern for parent this year is the number of times their children may have been ‘pinged’  an old word but now with new meaning . . .   It’s the phrase describing the action that tells them their child has been in the vicinity of another person who has been told they are positive for covid 19 virus and thus must self isolate and not go to school or socialise with anyone – nor must their siblings.  This system is completely destroying everything in its path and whole school years have been decimated by it.    So drastic action must be taken to help their children catch up on missed learning opportunities.  The school try to hand out or issue logins for set curriculum matters but the social side of learning en masse is being denied to many.  At least by buying into additonal online training and educational materials, parents can try to offset some of this damage by ensuring their children have as rounded an education as possible in the circumstances.