Disputes & Conflict Online Training Needed

In my late teens, the opportunity to take extra training for role based careers was never as abundant as today.  We were not given any additonal education once we’d left school.  I did go to night school and enjoyed French conversation classes and I brushed up my shorthand typing skills, which have stood me in very good stead ever since but in those days,  getting a job was very easy but  apart from a fairly small elite section of the community who had careers rather than just jobs . . ..  there was generally no specific training.  A mentor, maybe a senior colleague or even a junior manager, who would give you a very brisk and basic verbal run through of he way the company works, what your job will involve, where the canteen and stationery are stored and then a couple of hours showing you your job, and then you just got on with it.  With most jobs today, especially public facing like in stores, doctors’ surgeries, banks etc, there is a need for the staff to be able to handle conflict and difficult contentious situations – the employers, especially the bigger multi global groups, provide custom designed training and attendance of it, be that in person, or more likely, online, is usually manatory.   So many opportunities can come from online e-learning and training.