Distance Online Learning Bridges Many A Gap

There may be many reasons why students decide in easrly adult life that they don’t want to go away to university or they cannot get on the botton rung of the vocational ladder without a pre training course.   School leavers, international students who want to study at a university which is overseas.  Lacking the necessary academic qualifications always seem to stifle ambitions, and this is quite needless if the student is pointed to the right sort of distance learning course.    There are also those folk who have health conditions, disability or have been affected by the long covid pandemic.    Not having a strong academic record is another reason for students falling behind in many situations.   Distance learning can  help them bridge this vital gap.  Work experience added to a correspondence course can gain that vital foot in the door.  Fees for home learning are generally lower than campus based university fees, there is no travelling or having to take lodgings in halls of residence.   There are then many benefits to the distance learning and training regimes in this  modern world.