Equine Career Calls With Distance & E-Learning A-Plenty

I was talking the other day to an old colleague – now it’s many years since we first worked alongside each other and then, her daughter was six and was pony mad.  Over the next few years this interest stopped being a fad and became an obsession instead.  A horse box and land rover was soon on the drive and gymkans attended every weekend in the season.   It came as no surprise then that when we met up recently some 30 odd years later, it turns out the daughter has a good career in equestrian management.  The online courses and e-learning resources for this are incredible these days and of course you can’t go into any career by just liking to ride your pony.  There are career focused e-courses for every area – from Rider Strength & Conditioning;  Equine Frst Aid;  BHS stages 1-3, or maybe competition Psychology Certificate.  There are also distnce learning foundation degrees for those who want to work withthe horse in a more medical, development way rather than the practical riding side of things.