Helping to Build Learning Habits Early On

During the late summer and early autumn, there is the rush back to school and university for thousands of young folk.  The change over from being at structured upper school, going into university for the first year is very daunting for some.  An exciting escape from the structures of home for others, the opportunities to learn present themselves in many different ways.   It’s not only the formal lesson or study group that teaches.  Everything from learning to cope away from home, dealing with unsociable colleagues; having to learn the discipline oneself in the way of personal care and budgeting.  It is a minefield of things to throw a young person off the actual point of being there.

When the results begin to show cracks in the fascade, then the tutor or mentor needs to help that young person early on.  Additional training via online systems can help by drawing attention from distractions, without it seeming obvious.