Holiday Lecture Spurs Desire For Further Learning

I was away on a cruise recently – quite a long one, that involved several days at sea, with the builk of shore days bunched in the middle.  This gave rise to wanting some relief from the non stop eating and watching silly team games.    I opted to attend the enrichment lectures in the main theatre.  These turned out to be really good, a wide variety of informative and amusing lectures on everything from victorian underwear and customs to maritime disasters whilst conquering the North West passage. . . . .   The presenters were very knowledgeable and conveyed their subject with aplomb.  In fact two or three of the lectures were over all too soon and left me with a desire to learn more.  I noted down any references offered and since returning home I’ve made forays into learning more about those.  There are many educational courses out there for students of all ages.  Online learning courses are fantastic and allow you to pick up on a subject and run with it at your own level.