If You Want To Get Ahead – Get A Hat

If you want to get a head, get a hat, was a very corny and oddly popular catchphrase from the 1950s.  Quite probably hailing from the US, I can see the billboards now with a smart chap striding towards me, his dapper suit very clean cut.  Nice neat neck tie and the trilby hat.  So very different from the gangster version of the wide boy suit, creased and mucky, and a pork pie hat squashed on the titfer, as it were.   The former would give you confidence that were was a chap who knew the biz.  Was competent to deal with your needs and enquiry.  This is the difference today too – the dapper whizz kid who rises through the world of commerce will have attended uni and made the most of his time – made it his business to learn everything possible in the time allowed whilst still enjoying the down time!