Learning To Keep Pets Active With Online Training

I have a couple of family members who really love their pets.  And why not ….  they take them everywhere and to keep them alert and focused on things, they go to agility and obedience training.  This is fun for the pet and the owner – having attended in a guest capacity, I do believe the owners get as much out of it as the pet.  There are some really good pet training courses online and these are very good for folk who want to run ‘pet walking / pet holiday home / house sitting’ services for other folk who are out at work or away more than they are comfortable with.  The pet can have a really wonderful relationship with the carer and be given all sorts of stimulating activities to ensure they don’t get too bored inbetween times.  Nothing is more likely to encourage bad behaviour than a boring, uneventul afernoon of napping!