Online Revision – A Deviation At Christmas

Ah the happy sounds of Christmastide – at one time this period used to start around the middle of December.  The decorations would be up in the shops in readiness, but the massive advertising campaigns with movie type themes are a very recent addition to the razzamatazz. The training involved in producing those fantastic adverts must be immense.

I was listening to some kiddies along the road – they were arguing, quite noisily and robustly in one case, about why we have Christmas at all – bearing in mind the mix of cultures and creeds in that small band of humanity . . . .  only one child proffered anything about Jesus and why we call it Christmas.   After a while they simply stopped and got on with talking about forthcoming tests at school – even more interesting.  Several had been logging on to revision courses to brush up any perceived weaknesses.  So the desire to get the best starts early!