Seniors & Toddlers Learning From Each Other

There are some fantastic documentary series on tv and currentlly there’s one following the progress of an experiment involving a group of very senior pensioners integrating with a group of 4 year olds.  The hope is that this interaction will stem the onset of dementia and bring back memory and other cognitive skills in the older group.   It’s the most amazing, inspiring and heartwarming series I’ve watched for years.  At first the oldies were very unsure and the men especially were anxious.  The little ones were as usual, inquisitive, lively and full of energy.  To see the oldies remembering toys from their own youth and being able to talk freely about friendships has been enlightening.  I’ve enjoyed the interaction – watching  91 year old Harry going to 4 year old Lillibet’s birthday party and meeting her family was a treat too – he even climbed up to the new tree house – as all adoptive grandpas do!