Take Those Training Chances & Helpful Pompts

When we think of working in schools as a career, most folk will automatically think of teaching.  This is natural – we are guided by those very gifted individuals in our own formative years.  I can well remember a whole raft of teachers in those 5 short  years in one particular upper school.  From the maths teacher who over the space of one term patiently explained quick maths and how not to let myself panic at the thought.  The English teacher who as a ‘punishment’ for giggling, made me read poems and tales from the curriculum list out loud to the class – whom I remember were very happy to listen as each tale unfolded.  At the end of three years remarking that I’d got an excellent voice for public speaking and should be able to confidentl hold my own whenever needed – he was eventually right!  These additional prompts and lessons are available online in the way of e-learning and confidence boosting training courses to make our career that bit more fulfilling.