Teaching Is A Truly Worthy Career

We don’t really appreciate the role of teachers as much as we should.  Though to qualify this I must say that the teaching profession has become very politicised over the years.  In my day we respected teachers without question.  There were a few trouble makers at school, the same as everywhere but mostly it was just little pranks.  Nowadays there is wholescale bullying and lack of discipline in some areas and teachers whine that they can’t do anything about it.   To a certain extnt this will be true because of the constraints we impose on the punishing of wayward and troublesome students.  There was nothing really wrong with a head teacher being able to swipe a cane across a studen’t palm if it was deserved, for say bullying or being rude to the teacher.  Because all corporal punishment has been abolished, teachers have no protection and many students know and rely on this fact to carry out campaigns of terror in the school.  fortunately it’s not many.  Having said that, teaching should be heralded as a truly worthy career and it should be supported as a great career.