Team Work & E-Learning Top Ups Fill Many Gaps

I have a nice young mum as a neighbour – she has a couple of children, couple of dogs and a hard working husband who lovingly brings home the bacon with a very well paid job.  Shame it takes him away from the happy home quite as much as it does.  However they do get to spend a lot of time at weekends on childrens’ activities – the girls play hockey in two differen teams and the lads are into their rugby.  All this requres a definite comittment to the needs of the other team members.  Going to practice week in week out and turning out for matches come rain or shine.  The children also top up their schooling with online educaiton boosters – they genuinely enjoy getting the most out of life.  Education being the backbone of society, leading to well paid responsible careers.  So team work at home and on the field.