Thinking Ahead – Online Learning Enhances Job Chances

It’s a much more complicated dbusiness trying to get a foot in the door of a job – especially in the very challenging imes we’ve been experiencing of late.  Companies are currently furloughing staff and only a few industries are actually taking people on in any quantifiable numbers.  The major players here are the care home and healthcare sector;  logistics and home delivery companies; companies who actually supply good quality online business software;  legal teams.   All of these require a certain amount of knowledge before anyone can start to work, apart from possibly the delivery sector.  Gaining up front training online, or brushing up one’s own educational standard by taking an e-learning education course or role focused training for the chosen career can only enhance prospects and help a candidate stand out from a rapidly increasing crowd.  Office and Administration work is not so humble these days – how to handle spread sheets, powerpoint presentations and basic book keeping are all valuable skills that will take you from the first job onwards.