Toddler Embracing The Chance To Learn

I have been watching the progress of a little tot who belongs to a distant relative.  I don’t have any small children close to me these days and this wee lass is very very bright and asserts herself at every given opportunity.  She attends an excellent Ofsted rated kindergarten three mornings a week and this really does stimulate her imagination.  I can see that at only just two years old, she knows all  her letters and can spell her own  name.  Thankfully it’s a short one.  However, that is very advanced.  She also knows all her colours and numbers up to 20.    I watched her playing with a toddler version laptop – it is incredible how quickly she learned to navigate to where she knew her games and fun stuff hides.  This early introduction to electronic learning aids shows remarkable powers of recall and an ability to absorb everything that comes her way.  Fantastic for the future if other children embraced the chance to learn that enthusiastically.